The True Hidden Cost of Getting it Wrong

If you’re concerned about the cost of making a bad hire, we provide a free tool that will help you calculate the real costs of employees who don’t work out and leave your organization prematurely. 

Learn about the true cost of “bad hires” in your organization

To use our “Bad Hire Calculator”, just click the button below and enter some very basic sample data to see your results!

Did you know that a “bad hire” can actually cost your organization up to 3.5x of annual salary?

It is not just the obvious direct costs that must be accounted for; when you make a bad hire in healthcare, there are several more hidden costs that will impact your organization, including:
  • Financial Costs: The direct cost of replacing an employee can be high, including recruitment costs, advertising, and training. The indirect cost of a bad hire can be even higher, including lost productivity, commercial downtime, decreased revenue, and increased liability and risk.
  • Productivity Costs: A bad hire can impact the productivity of your team and organization, leading to lower morale, decreased motivation, and decreased engagement. A bad hire can also disrupt workflows, decrease patient satisfaction, and increase the workload of other employees, leading to burnout and turnover.
  • Reputation Costs: A bad hire can negatively impact your organization’s reputation, leading to decreased patient satisfaction, decreased referral rates, and decreased revenue.
  • Patient Safety Costs: Most importantly, a bad hire in healthcare can impact patient safety, leading to medical errors, increased mortality rates, and decreased quality of care.

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